Trivia / Wolfenstein 3D

  • Banned In Germany: For obvious reasons.
  • Fan Nickname: Pushable walls were quickly christened "pushwalls".
  • Port Overdosed: But of course. Wolfenstein has been released almost as many times as Doom.
  • What Could Have Been: The game was originally intended to draw a lot more stealth elements from Castle Wolfenstein. For starters, hiding corpses.
    • Even before that, it was going to be an alien-themed game with the most awesome title ever: It's Green and Pissed!
    • Rise of the Triad was originally a sequel to Wolf 3D.
  • Take That!: Super Noah's Ark 3D was a big Take That! to Nintendo. Id was angry about how Nintendo had censored the SNES port of Wolfenstein 3D. So they outright gave the source code to Wisdom Tree and helped them get the Super Noah's Ark 3D mod running on the SNES (the SNES already had the engine operational, the game was basically just a mod, not much different from the many Doom mods you can still find today). So the game is basically one gigantic middle finger from John Carmack and John Romero to Nintendo's SNES-era censorship policies.
  • Technology Marches On: The limited lives, score counter and the dated sound effects makes this game far more dated than it's FPS contemporaries.
  • Word of God: After years of speculation, the creators finally confirmed that yes, B.J. is Jewish on his mother's side.