Trivia / Win, Lose or Draw

  • Dueling Shows: Against the Barry-Enright adaptation of Pictionary.
    • Technically the Disney Channel revival goes up against Nickelodeon's Figure It Out, though the long gestation period has meant FiO has already aired its final episode.
    • The Disney Channel revival is up against Nickelodeon's Web Heads.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Convy and Weller's episodes reran from 1990 to 1992 on USA Network, and only the Convy episodes (season 1 to early season 2) ran from 2002 to 2004 on GSN. The NBC version haven't been seen since the original run. Somewhat ironically, VH-1's I Love the '80s series showed clips of the NBC version...and only the NBC version.
    • Several weeks of the Bert Convy version were missing in action on GSN, possibly due to celebrity clearance issues. Clips of them were shown in early GSN promos. They included Sally Struthers & Vicki Lawrence Vs. Ed Marinaro & Charles Nelson Reilly, Loni Anderson & Martha Raye Vs. Burt Reynolds & Charles Nelson Reilly, Edie McClurg & Donna Pescow Vs. Pat McCormick & Paul Williams, and Markie Post & Florence LaRue Vs. Ed Begley, Jr. & Dack Rambo.
    • The only way to see reruns of the 2014 Disney Channel revival is on YouTube or file-sharing sites.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Back in his Growing Pains days, Leonardo DiCaprio was once a celebrity contestant on the teen version of Win, Lose, or Draw.
  • Write Who You Know: The origin of the series lay in the game nights Burt Reynolds used to hold at his house; the set was modelled after his living room.