Trivia / Watership Down

  • Casting Gag: John Hurt, who provided the voice for Hazel, the protagonist, in the film, would later go on to do the voice for Woundwort, the Big Bad, in the TV series.
  • Executive Meddling: Sort of. According to Word of God, Bigwig really should have succumbed to his wounds after the fight with Woundwort, but the author's kids wouldn't stand for that.
  • Technology Marches On: As of 2016 - almost 30 years later - the animated film has aged surprisingly well. Because of the lack of focus on humans, all the tech you see them using (shotguns, cars) this story could have been set in 2015 and it would still essentially look the same. For all you know the humans have smartphones, and are on the Internet in the house.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: It was originally written as a bedtime story for Adam's two daughters, and Adams has written in at least one foreword that it always makes him glad when he sees children who love and enjoy the book. It even has a sequel that's much Lighter and Softer than the original.
    • The film version has always been controversial in the UK due to this trope. Channel 5 aired the film as an Easter Sunday special in 2016, with caused much complaints from parents. Many people have challenged the British Board of Film Classification's decision to classify the film with a "U" (all ages) rating since its release, and following the aforementioned outcry, the then-newly named head of the Board has insisted that they would upgrade the rating to "PG" if it were ever to be resubmitted.
  • What Could Have Been: Bigwig was supposed to die after he fought Woundwort. After the author's daughters begged him to spare him, he changed his mind.
    • The Film of the Book was to have been directed by John Hubley, but he died early in production and was replaced by Martin Rosen. Some of his work, such as the opening scene, remain in the finished film.
  • Word of God: Kehaar was based on a Norwegian Resistance Fighter, and the rabbits that Hazel leads from the Sandleford warren are based on members of Richard Adams' unit in World War II, with Bigwig and Hazel in particular based on specific individuals.
  • Write Who You Know: Richard Adams based most of the main characters on his WWII buddies (Hazel was based on his wise commanding officer).