* ImageSource
** ClockPunk ("Grougaloragran the Eternal")
** MatingDance ("Rubilax")
** SplitScreenReaction ("The Black Raven")
** SuddenVideoGameMoment ("Wabbit Island")
** TakeANumber ("Miss Ugly")
* MissingEpisode: The artbook ''"Dofus - Les mains d'Eniripsa"'' presents the plot of an unseen episode, going as far as providing a full summary, character design, and even background design. The episode was about Yugo and friends trying to save a village from complete dryness. For some reason, the episode was scrapped and never produced. The only remaining bit is the title character, a charming Eniripsa called Mey d'Elongrot, who was present in the crowd as a cameo in episode 10.
* ProductionPosse: Ankama's French-language dub of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' shares most of ''Wakfu'''s voice cast. Yoko and Evangelyne share Geneviève Doang, and Cédric Dumond (the obnoxious announcer during the "Gobbowl Hell" arc) is also Kamina. Other notable ones are Nia/Amalia, Kittan/Nox, Viral/Xav, and Tymilph/Rubilax.
* RecursiveAdaptation: The ''VideoGame/{{Dofus}}'' MMORPG was the basis for the ''Wakfu'' MMORPG on which the ''Wakfu'' series is based on, and in the near future we will get a ''Dofus'' series which is technically based on the ''Wakfu'' series.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: The series has been aired somewhat erratically on the French television network, France 3, including more rediffusion than usual, changing time slots, and gaps of several months between new episodes (the last one being a two-and-a-half-month pause before the ''final three episodes''). Viewers were not happy.
Also, Ankama was ready to make a 3rd season, but France 3 declined because they where wanting a more children oriented show. Because of that, it's only in 2015 that season have been anounced for Netflix, with apparently no TV airing planned.
** Culminated with France 3 cutting the ending credits of the last episode, which actually depict [[spoiler:[[WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue what happened to Nox after his defeat]]]].
** To be fair, most schedule gaps (but not the last one) were due to [[ScheduleSlip Ankama failing to meet production deadlines]].
* ShrugOfGod: What's under Yugo's hat? Ankama has [[spoiler:(had)]] no bloody clue.
* TheUnpronounceable: Well, not quite, but the voice actors have mentionned [[SarcasmMode how much they enjoy]] having to include "Grougaloragran" in a sentence.
* WordOfGod: Yes, in season 2 [[spoiler:Sadlygrove and Evangelyne are a couple and have a physical relationship]]. No, no need to fanwank about [[spoiler:how and when Grovy had seen Eva naked, as mentioned in season 2 episode 8]]; it just happened off-screen. Nothing else to see, move along.\\
(You can find the relevant comment by Tot, the series' main writer, in the official ''Wakfu'' forum, if you can read French: [[http://forum.wakfu.com/fr/129-episodes/89587-wakfu-saison-2-episode-8-ligne?page=9]])