!![[VideoGame/VivaPinata The Video Game]]
* ShownTheirWork: The description of the [[StockDinosaurs Chocolodocus]]. With much lampshade hanging.
-->Were there prehistoric Pinatas? I thought Pinatas were discovered in China by Marco Polo who then brought them to Europe. The tradition then transferred to South America by Spanish explorers. All this was a long time after dinosaurs. It's as if someone wanted be cool without thinking it through properly.
* TheWikiRule: [[http://pinataisland.info/ pinataisland.info]]. Active and surprisingly thriving despite the franchise being long gone.
!![[WesternAnimation/VivaPinata The Animated Series]]
* HeyItsThatVoice: Hudson Horstachio is [[DanGreen DAN GREEN]].
** Franklin Fizzlybear is [[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003 Casey Jones,]] [[Anime/KinnikumanNisei Kid Muscle,]] [[Anime/YuGiOh Duke Devlin, Rafael, Valon]] and [[Manga/OnePiece Don Krieg]].
** Fergy Fudgehog is [[Anime/YuGiOh Gozaburo Kaiba and The Rare Hunter,]] [[Anime/YuGiOhGX Chancellor Shepperd and Tyranno Hassleberry,]] [[Manga/OnePiece Buggy The Clown and Arlong,]] and [[Anime/SonicX Espio the Chameleon]].
** Langston Lickatoad is [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Dr. Eggman]] which makes his regular chases with Fergy Fudgehog all the more hillarious.
** Teddington and Tina Twiggersnap are [[Manga/OnePiece Kuromarimo and Alvida respectively]]. Tina is also [[Anime/SonicX Rouge the Bat]].
** Believe it or not Les Galagoogoo is [[Anime/YuGiOh Seto Kaiba,]] [[LightNovel/TheSlayers Goury Gabriev,]] [[VideoGame/DinosaurKing Dr. Z,]] [[Anime/KirbyOfTheStars Meta Knight]] and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} the original Brock and James (Battle Aboard the St. Anne to Hail to the Chef for James)]].
** Professor Pester is [[Anime/YuGiOh Odion Ishtar,]] [[Manga/OnePiece Crocodile,]] [[Anime/KinnikumanNisei Sunshine]] and [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Crasher Wake]].
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Only 2 [=DVDs=] with the first 10 episodes between them have ever been released. It's still on Hulu, but [[NoExportForYou that's not much help to those living outside the US]]...