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Trivia: Video Game High School
  • The Danza: Freddie Wong
  • Dawson Casting: The main characters are played by 20 something actors.
    • Freddie Wong is Ted Wong's father, but the Wong brothers were born just a year apart! Depending on the time of year, they are actually the same age.
    • Most, if not all of the actors are in their 20s and 30s.
  • Defictionalization: Season 2, Episode 3 involves a game Ki made; High School Video Game: The Video Game High School Video Game. It's basically an 8-bit interactive version of Season 1. And it is entirely playable in Real Life, here.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: You might recognize The Law as Brian Firenzi from 5SecondFilms, the Dean as Harley from Epic Meal Time, and Ace as Chuck.
    • Mary Matrix is played by Cynthia Watros, who's better known as Libby from LOST.
    • The opposing FPS team in the Season 2 finale is the Corridor Digital crew.
    • The rival school The Law signs with at the end of Season 2 has a few of the Epic Meal Time guys.
    • Shane Pizza is played by Chase Williamson, who has also played a man named Wong, in John Dies at the End
    • No wonder Ace can remember all those rules: he played the memory whiz-turned-spy Chuck.
  • Romance on the Set: Predicted by some fans, and later confirmed, Johanna Braddy (Jenny Matrix) and Josh Blaylock (Brian D) started dating during the production of the first season. They are now married! Plus in the episode 9, an after-match scene turns into quite non-movie style when it comes to their First Kiss.
    • Also has hints of Shipper on Deck: According to Benji Dolly (Games Dean) on the "Acting" podcast, co-director Matt Arnold was in casting from Season 1, saw Johanna and Josh's screen test, and said "We got our two, and I'll bet anything in the world those two (Johanna and Josh) end up together."

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