Trivia: Vic Mignogna

  • Doing It for the Art:
    • Viz Media couldn't believe he wanted to voice Ikkaku (a minor character) in Bleach when he lives in Texas and would need to spend the money himself to travel back and forth to Los Angeles for only a few days just for those recording sessions! Anime dubbing doesn't pay a lot (barely an entire long-term trip), and companies there always employ someone local. Vic answered that he didn't care, and that he simply loved to do it.
    • Apparently, he's living there now, which allows him to do some voice acting work in LA. Word of God says that he also has his dubbing equipment in his home, thus allowing him to work with the LA studios, FUNimation, and even northeastern dubbing companies (seeing as he is going to play a character in Pokémon).
    • Vic had always wanted to do a voice in Pokémon but had never gotten a chance. But when he was in New Jersey for a convention, he was apparently contacted by The Pokémon Company to come to New York and voice minor character Professor Icarus. Since then, he's made several other appearances as minor trainers, then got a larger role as Keldeo in the fifteenth movie. All of this was done when he lives clear on the other side of the country.
  • One of Us:
    • Big sci-fi fan; and really got into FMA and Ouran (The latter before it was even licensed. Thanks Caitlin!).
    • Also did a spoof commercial for World of Warcraft, which he used the warlock class as a base for.
      • Plus, he adds he can even do alchemy.
      • He said that while he likes the game, he never actually played it when making the commercial. The footage of the gameplay in there is from a friends' console.
    • And he's a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series. Even appearing in one of LittleKuriboh's videos.
      • That said, he still doesn't like to be called "Vic McNigNog", a mispronunciation made popular in some of Little Kuriboh's videos.
    • And a huge fan of Star Trek, leading to massive Squee on his part when he got to direct and act in an episode of the fanmade series New Voyages.
    • Apparently he wandered around Tekkoshocon 2010 as a Storm Trooper so people wouldn't recognize him. At the FMA VA Panel he admitted it backfired as more people stopped him for photos due to the costume.
    • He's also dressed as Cloud Strife before, as seen here and here.
  • Fan Nickname: Vic Mcderp-a-derp thanks to LittleKuriboh. Or, if you prefer, ....... Yuri Lowenthal.
    • Fans who dislike him have been known to refer to him as Dick Lasagna.
    • Vic Mceggnogna.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: With Caitlin, Laura, and Travis. And now Todd. They're in a rivalry where they try to one-up the other with video shorts. Coincidentally (or not depending on how you slant it), all these voice actors started in Texas and are now living and working in Los Angeles.
  • Playing Against Type: As Broly.
  • Talking to Himself: For several seconds in Ouran Episode 17...
    Vic: But more importantly, I play the dog. The role I spent my life preparing for, Antoinette. So for the rest of this panel, you must address me as "Antoinette". Or "Monsieur Puppy".
  • What Could Have Been:
  • As heard from a Con recently, he has never met Trisha Elric's voice actor.