Trivia: Vexx

  • Awesome Music: Like the soundtrack? You can listen to it here!
  • What Could Have Been: Concept art of Vexx indicates that during the pre-production phase of the game the main character was originally planned at one point to be named Clip or Jinx, and at one point was going to be a female. He/she was also originally going to have a sidekick named Mischief who was later cut out.
    • Daggercrag and Dragonreach were originally going to be one massive world but the lack of a 9th level combined with impending deadlines and insufficient funding forced Acclaim to split it in two.
    • An early trailer shows that there was also going to be a creature that Vexx could mount, however it was cut (most likely for AI problems.)
    • There were several cut worlds such as a massive tree known in the music files as "RedWood", a volcanic world and some world by the name of Submergis.
    • There was also supposed to be a level before the tutorial for sneaking into Yabu's ship to acquire the Talons.
    • There were also going to be blood effects and even a four-player multiplayer.