Trivia / Vexx

  • Awesome Music: Like the soundtrack? You can listen to it here!
  • Long Bus Trip: The IP has been purchased by Throwback Entertainment in 2006, alongside various other Acclaim titles before the company went out of business, as of yet though there is no indication whether they plan to do anything with the verse if anything can be done.
  • What Could Have Been: Concept art of Vexx indicates that during the pre-production phase of the game the main character was originally planned at one point to be named Clip or Jinx, and at one point was going to be a female. He/she was also originally going to have a sidekick named Mischief who was later cut out.
    • Daggercrag and Dragonreach were originally going to be one massive world but the lack of a 9th level combined with impending deadlines and insufficient funding forced Acclaim to split it in two.
    • An early trailer shows that there was also going to be a creature that Vexx could mount, however it was cut (most likely for AI problems.)
    • There were several cut worlds such as a massive tree known in the music files as "RedWood", a volcanic world and some world by the name of Submergis.
    • There was also supposed to be a level before the tutorial for sneaking into Yabu's ship to acquire the Talons.
    • There were also going to be blood effects and even a four-player multiplayer.