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For the Let's Play series:

  • Creator Backlash: They agreed that using lifelines in Pokemon Firered Versus was a stupid idea that they handled poorly. To a lesser extent, lifelines in general, though they do work out in some races (the second Super Mario Sunshine race comes to mind).
  • Creator's Apathy: Josh admitted during Donkey Kong Country Versus that he doesn't properly edit his videos, but just skims through them and edits solely based on the wavelengths. This is evident in Pokémon FireRed Versus, where he never edits in anything asked of him (like pictures or word game scores), onscreen stats can be inconsistent, and Tyler's mic volume constantly fluctuates rather than Josh adjusting it.
  • Jossed:
    • When Josh started livestreaming Super Mario Sunshine speedruns beginning in 2016, this pretty much crushed anyone's hopes and theories that they'd do a third Versus in the game; even if it did happen, it'd be horribly one-sided.
    • When Tyler pretty much stopped doing videos on his own channel, and mentioned in some stories he told that he was no longer interested in making videos and instead studying to become a civil engineer, people thought this meant he'd be departing from Versus soon. However, he's refuted this and plans to remain loyal to Versus, though he and Josh often joke about replacing him (not that this is new). Further jossed when Tyler started making videos again and seemingly went back on what he said previously, saying he loves making them.
  • Milestone Celebration: Accidental example, yet lampshaded — The first episode of Super Mario Galaxy Versus was on Donna's two-year LP anniversary, which she played Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Schedule Slip: They have experienced several. It's a Running Gag for them to announce an update schedule (usually for a new series or after a hiatus), then only stick to it for one or two weeks before falling back on "whenever it's done". They do have busy lives, so it's understandable, but most fans at least wish they'd just stop promising schedules they can't stick to.