Trivia / Valis

The Video Game

  • Bad Export for You: Super Valis IV was a slimmed-down port of the original Valis IV, which never made it outside of Japan. This version only has one playable character as opposed to three and fewer levels, but then again it makes sense with the reduced storage capacity of an SNES cartridge as opposed to the CD format for the TurboGrafx-CD that the original version had.
  • Fan Translation: For Valis 1 Famicom and Valis II for X68000.
  • Fountain of Expies: Despite not being the Genre Popularizer of the Chainmail Bikini genre (Red Sonja did it first), for Japanese standards the Valis franchise was the inspiration for many heroines with similar clothing styles, both in gaming and even Anime.
    • From the gaming side we have Lucia, the heroine from the Famicom-NES platformer The Wing of Madoola.
    • From the Anime side we have Yoko Asagiri from Genmu Senki Leda and from the Queen's Blade franchise, we have Leina Vance, the main heroine, who not only looks a bit like Yuko, armor-wise, her own name sounds phonetically similar to Lena Brande, the heroine from Valis 4. And while she doesn't look the part at first, Nanael from QB changes her clothes latter on, with a similar armor used by Yuko in her very first games.
    • Rem Ayanokouji from Dream Hunter Rem is basically Yuko with green hair and younger.
  • Franchise Killer: Valis X, which not only was a Hentai game, but a poorly drawn one at that. Not the glorious revival people were expecting...
  • Sequel First: The original Valis was the last game in the series that was remade for the PC Engine.