Trivia / Vader

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  • He Also Did: Played "Goliath" in Fist of the North Star.
  • What Could Have Been: Both good and bad. Originally, Vader was supposed to go over Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 1996, but Shawn vetoed that, as he was in ego mode at the time. And according to Jim Cornette, upon signing with WWE, Vince McMahon wanted Vader to change his name to The Mastodon, as that way they could trademark the name as they couldn't trademark Vader.note  Cornette luckily talked Vince out of this move.
    • Although Vader later regretted the decision, because he felt that had he gone along with Vince McMahon's plans, he would have been pushed more due to Vince McMahon's tendency to largely push his own creations. Given how successful Mick Foley was with the Mankind gimmicknote , Vader seems to have a point here.
    • Before The Montreal Screw Job, Vader told Bret Hart not to get caught in any submission holds. Ever get the feeling Vader doesn't think too highly of Hart in his "shoot interviews"?
    • Was originally going to be on the Hulkamaniacs (Hogan/Savage/Sting) team against the Dungeon of Doom (Kamala/Shark/the Zodiac [Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake]/Meng) in War Games at the WCW Fall Brawl 95 PPV on September 17. Vader got into a Real Life fight backstage with "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff after a taping of WCW Saturday Night on August 30. WCW suspended Vader and then released him from his contract, freeing him to negotiate with any other promotion. Lex Luger replaced Vader in the match, but Vader was still pictured on the VHS release box.
    • Knowing his experience and popularity in shoot-style, Mixed Martial Arts company PRIDE Fighting Championships once wanted to bring Vader as a fighter, and he actually started to train in the Team Hammer House. At the end, however, the DSE management opted not to book him in MMA bouts after seeing his poor physical condition in his only match in HUSTLE.
  • WrestleCrap: The Baywatch episode "Bash at the Beach." Go here for an explanation. It's too stupid to type up again.

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