Trivia / Uncanny Avengers

  • Recycled Script: So far, Rick Remender is following his Uncanny X-Force formula to a T.
    • He has chosen a female focus and uses the males in the series to develop her, having one or more who either have a thing for her or will develop a thing for her
    • All the stories will tie back to this focus character somehow
    • Other cast members are generally peripheral. Though they can have some decent lines, they are used to tell a story about the focus character.
    • UXF was nothing but the story of the redemption of Betsy
    • The horsemen having personal vendettas against specific team members (however stretched they are, in some cases), is a direct parallel to Final Execution and the Brotherhood members having direct vendettas against the UXF cast. Daken with Logan, Blob with Darkhölme, Shadow King and Betsy, Skinless man and Fantomex, etc.
    • If he goes with a few members going into the future, he's just completing the formula. The team of UXF did that, too. They found what they turned into, so had incentive to go back and change things.
    • And that is in fact exactly what happened.