Trivia: Ulysses

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  • Defictionalization: All the locations are real, some still exist, and real-life Dubliners crop up as characters with their real names.
  • While the most famous bearer of the name is usually called Odysseus by literate people today, in antiquity he seems to have been more widely known as Oulixes or Olysseus in Greek, Ulysses or Ulixes in Latin, and Uilix in Irish. The title of the famous poem about him, Odysseia (The Odyssey) may be a play on the name Olysseus and the verb odyssomai (hate) because two important plot points are Poseidon's hatred for the hero, and the wrath the hero visits upon the suitors upon returning home.
  • The other famous Ulysses was born Hiram Ulysses Grant but changed his name to Ulysses Simpson Grant when he entered West Point.