Trivia / Ultima

  • Colbert Bump: Thanks to Spoony retrospective on the series.
  • Trope Namer: For the Lord British Postulate, after the fact that the games always include a way to assassinate him if you're so inclined. This includes a famous incident in Ultima Online, where Lord British, this time Richard Garriott running his alter ego as a Player Character, had forgotten to re-set his invincibility flags after a server crash. A guy attacked him with a fire spell for laughs and British died.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • During the heady days of the early 90s there was serious talk of producing a crossover game with Wing Commander. The developers had even gone so far as to place references to the Kilrathi in Ultima Underworld, Ultima VII and Serpent Isle (though the last one was cut for time). However since the game was supposed to take place after the Guardian trilogy, the Development Hell of Ultima IX kept pushing it farther and farther into the future. By the time Ultima IX was done, both Chris Roberts and Richard Garriot were no longer with Origin, and EA had no interest in developing either property any further.
    • Serpent Isle was going to include a Wing Commander Shout-Out, with the inaccessible island Claw being accessible, as part of a sub-plot about a tribe of cat people worshiping a Kilrathi pilot who was stranded on the island, possibly the pilot of the Kilrathi ship in Ultima VII. The NPC Yurel was going to be a companion and member of the cat people tribe, trying to save his people from extinction.
    • The cancelled Ultima Forever was going to include a Shout-Out to Wing Commander with a Kilrathi head monument on one island and a crashed Dralthi fighter on another island.