Trivia / UFO

  • Absentee Actor: Although the show has Loads and Loads of Characters, only Ed Straker appears in all 26 episodes.
  • The Danza: Ed Straker is played by Ed Bishop.
  • Defictionalization: Funds were raised for "The Explorer Motor Company'' to produce a real-life version of the futuristic gull-winged car driven by Straker. A plastic mold of the vehicle was made (to be called 'Quest'), but the company never got off the ground.
  • Out of Order: Every TV broadcaster showed the 26 episodes in different order, due to the then highly-localized nature of the ITV "network" in Britain (this was completely normal at the time, and explains the absence of multi-episode plotlines) - in fact, three ITV regions once premiered different episodes of the show at the exact same time!
  • Spiritual Successor: