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Trivia / 2NE1

  • Development Hell: Their second album, Crush, was stuck in this. First reports gave it a Summer 2012 release, later reports had the album scheduled for release in April 2013. It was finally released at the end of February 2014, almost two years after it was originally announced.
  • Dye Hard:
    • CL is usually a blonde, except for their I Don't Care and Fire MVs, where she was a brunette. She was brunette again for "Missing You", but went back to blonde for "Happy" and "Come Back Home".
    • The other members dye their hair too; Dara is usually some shade of brown, except for the "Falling In Love" and "Missing You" videos, where she's a blonde, and the promotions for "Crush", where she had blue hair. Bom has either brown or red hair, while Minzy... she has tried almost everything, including purple and (even if it was only a wig) pink.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • "Blackjack", like the card game - which is also called... "Twenty-One" (2NE1)!
    • There's also the ones for each individual girl: CLovers, BOMshells, Minjas and Daralings.
    • For CL, you're either a CLover or a GZB (GZB is an abbreviation of the korean word "gizibe", from CL's song "I Am the Baddest Female" also called "Nan Nappeun Gijibe". Gizibe, despite being another word for woman, isn't a nice word for woman though.)
  • Old Shame: After the Dark and Troubled Past-related event told before, Dara's popularity in the Philippines began to lessen, and she posed in lingerie for an adult magazine.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Minzy was supposed to debut as a duo with singer Maydoni - and anyone who's seen how Maydoni can sing/dance knows this would have been epic! Unfortunately, Maydoni chose to leave YG after her sister Yenny was dropped as a trainee.
    • RaNia member Jooyi was supposed to debut as a member of 2NE1 (allegedly as Maydoni's replacement), but chose not to, debuting as the main vocalist in RaNia. She could have easily rivaled Bom in terms of vocals!