Trivia: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Book Version

  • What Could Have Been: Captain Nemo was originally supposed to be a Polish submariner instead of an Indian prince, but Verne's publishers had him change his nationality because France and Russia were on fairly good terms at the time. England, however, was an Acceptable Target.

Film Version
  • All-Star Cast: A first for a live-action Disney film. James Mason as Nemo, Kirk Douglas as Ned, Peter Lorre as Conseil, and Paul Lukas as Arronax.
  • Age Lift: Arronax and Conseil are played by actors much older (Lukas was 59 and Lorre 50 at the time) than their book counterparts, who are respectively 40 and 30.
  • Fake Nationality: Arronax is French, and Paul Lukas is Austrian-Hungarian-born.
    • The same goes for the German Peter Lorre, who plays the Flemish Conseil.