Trivia / Trust Us with Your Life

Games played in Trust Us with Your Life include, but are not limited to:

  • As You Remember: Identical to "First Date" from Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, the four players all act out a scene that the guest just described, and the guest is given a bell and a horn so he/she can give a ring if they get it (arguably) right, and honk if they get it (more likely) wrong.

  • Face the Music: Generally involving only one player, the part-timer David Armand, who has to act out the lyrics of a popular song, while the guest, his/her hearing shielded with earphones, has to guess what song it is.

  • Forward/Rewind: Identical to 'Forward/Reverse' from Improvaganza. The players act out a scene, until audio cues instruct them to rewind the events of the scene from that point, or play them forward again.

  • Rap It!: Identical to "Kick It!" from Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, all four players act out a scene as per normal, until an audio cue is heard, whereupon the last guy to speak has to break into a gangsta rap based on whatever he just said.
    • Glee-Club It!: Variation, going into generic stage-musical style instead. Obviously inspired by Glee.

  • Messages: Based directly off "World's Worst" from Whose Line, all four players take random turns to speak to the guest as people from his life (or not), depending on everything they've learned during the whole episode.

  • Musical Tribute: Identical to "Song for a Lady" from Improvaganza, the players have to sing a song about the guest based on everything they've learned thus far.

  • Putting Words In Your Mouth: All four players and the guest are involved - two players act out a scene with the guest participating in his/her own role, with the catch that the remaining two players provide all the dialogue for the guest and one of the first two players.

  • Shorter and Shorter: All four players act out a scene described by the guest as quickly as possible, trying to fit the action within 60 seconds. Then they try to redo the entire scene in half of that time, then again in half of that, and so on until they wind up with a 1-second time limit on their final attempt.

  • Sideways Scene: Three players act out a scene while lying down on a specially-prepared surface, with a ceiling camera capturing the action and making them look as if they are upright. All this is combined with the old "Film, TV and Theater Styles" format from Whose Line.

  • Styles: Something between "Film, TV, Theater Styles" and "Hollywood Director" - all four players act out a scene, but each time a new style is called out, they start from the beginning rather than carry on from where they left off.