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Trivia: Trish Stratus
  • Iconic Diva: On screen, her success was what lead to Victoria's transition to the active roster and what inspired Mickie James to take up professional wrestling. Off screen Alicia Fox, Kelly Kelly and every hired participant of the diva search can thank Trish. Angela Fong was seemingly being groomed to follow in Trish's footsteps on FCW but that ended up going nowhere when it and WWECW were replaced by NXT.
  • Old Shame: "That Jackie Gayda Match" (with Bradshaw as her partner) on an episode of Raw in 2002. Stratus was visibly angry at the end of the match.
    • Inverted when it came to the infamous segment where she crawled around and barked like a dog. Trish has said she knew it was necessary for the storyline and that there would be a payoff. WWE however have tried their best to erase this moment from company history since the PG switch.

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