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Trivia: Trinton Chronicles
  • Trinton Chronicles was created officially in Autumn of 1992 but nothing was made physical until 1995 as a school project for the creator. The original title was The Ten Pack
  • Trinton has had a total of 26 members over the course of it's life as an online game. Of all the members only 5 of the original core members still stick around; the other members were basically come & go types.
    • TC is the shortened name for the game by members.
    • Little known fact is that the game master has written as each player at least once in their term as a member yet no one seems to have written for the game master.
    • Aside from the game master each arc also has an arc leader, someone who takes their turn to tell a story.
    • At least 3 known incidents exist where members were booted out of the game, the first known was an older member who played Lady Dawn with whom seemed capable of ANYTHING by cutting herself, the next was a newer member who played a diva who's music somtimes warped reality and the last was a member who played an un-powered normal guy who seemed to do superman style things but had no listed powers and always pulled a god-model out of his bum.
  • The series had a spike in popularity during 2007 after a two year hiatus, during this time more then 3000 posts were made on the board and 700 views of the first stable home page according to the counter.
  • Shattered Dreams was actually called Sealed Fate but when the story derailed it got renamed, leaving room for the poorly done 5th story where the main villainess who is creepy-cool is derailed for a werider villain named Una and her merry band of thugs.
  • Cataclysm & Turmoil were the only two stories so far to not feature Most of the original writers who had been playing since '99, only the Game Master and owner remained.
    • Turmoil, although seemingly Lost Forever on the net, featured the death of all the older characters in spectacular and increasingly crazy ways like Sabella being knifed to death, Jay going super nova, Solan being turned into a statue, Kimra getting her brain ripped apart by a psionic blast, to name a few. The defining moment was after the new heroes were slain or beaten to a pulp, the remaining character Dan uses his last power over time to reverse/rewrite the last battle but kills himself in the process thus leaving only the 5 new characters to kill the Big Bad and save the day.
  • An Adaptation Distillation of sorts has begun with a Pen & Paper write up called Trinton Ultimate Heroes, written by a former player.
  • Came to an official close as of July, 2013 when the writers finally finished it.

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