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Trivia: Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
  • Ascended Fanon:
    • A lot of the finer details of the setting are lifted from James Robert's time with the "Transmasters" fanfic group/Shared Universe. The portrayal of Star Saber as a villain (Transmasters reimagined him as an Anti-Villain), the time system used by Cybertronians, locations such as Delphi, Chromedome and Prowl as partners, the method of cybertronian reproduction (though that's had some changes from the original idea) etc.
    • When asked by a fan-letter if Railspike was a crewmember on the Lost Light, this was basically the creators' response, with the addendum that he didn't have his Earth altmode.
    • Pipes has 113 shannix saved in his account.
  • Defictionalization: My First Blaster is available from a third-party vendor to be used with the Swerve figure.
  • Fan Nickname: "Domey" for Chromedome after Rewind referred to him as such for one line in issue 9.
    • "Gay Robots In Space" or some other variation for the series as a whole in reference to both the canon couple and the huge amounts of Ho Yay in the series.
    • With Drift being Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, people are pretty much done calling him Poochie and calling him Dorito-kun instead. "Weababe" also crops up from time to time. "Driftaboo" is an older one, but it's used a bit more affectionately than it used to.
    • Before his identity was revealed, the person responsible for Overlord being on the Lost Light was called "The Conspirator" by fans.
    • The "Lost Lighters" for the crew of the Lost Light.
    • "Trailguy" or "Trailmix" for Trailbreaker, due to Executive Meddling forcing the writer to call him Trailcutter, complete with an issue being devoted to explaining this.
    • New character 'Riptide' quickly gained the moniker of Boatstorm.
  • Fandom Nod: The opening of season 2 has an amusing Lampshade Hanging about how Dark Cybertron was a massive Plot Detour for the Lost Lighters, referencing how a good number of fans were complaining about MTMTE getting derailed for several months for a Crisis Crossover.
  • Line TO God: James Roberts, Alex Milne, Josh Burcham and Nick Roche are all active on twitter. In fact, James Roberts is sometimes, way too active.
  • One of Us: Issue #11 had a drink called "Nightmare Fuel", and issue #13 had one called "Mood Whiplash", both of which are certainly tropes that apply to this series, and especially with each issue containing a great example of the trope the issue's drink shared a name with. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as James Roberts is known to visit, and even leave comments on tvtropesnote . Issue #18 also has Swerve mention that Whirl once went on a bender of Berserker Buttons and went on a rampage when someone asked him the time.
  • Pandering to the Base: A well-received example. James Roberts admits Nautica was explicitly created with the intent that she would join the Lost Light crew at the end of 'Dark Cybertron'
  • Shrug of God: When people in twitter suggested that Ultra Magnus and Tailgate's holo avatars were really female, he just shrugged and said ok. He also noted that although not shown in the series, he intended for Cyclonus' avatar to also be female.
  • Trolling Creator: James Roberts LOVES to mess around with the fans and he constantly cracks jokes about the comic and the fan reactions. He once pulled a "From a Certain Point of View" about issue 13 just to freak out fans into thinking that Rewind and Swerve would die in issue 12. Here is what he posted on Twitter after the incredibly intense and heartrending issue 20 was released.
    • Alex Milne has recently started to do this in light of his work in Issue 32. So far he has mentioned a high body count and gouged eyes.
    Alex Milne:"Starting to really enjoy horror movie MTMTE."
    Alex Milne:"joy, a page with corpses 13 corpses. what fun"
  • What Could Have Been: Originally Powerglide was supposed to have Tailgate's role. However Livio Ramondelli, one of the artists, was unaware of this and drew Powerglide into a battle scene during the previous ongoing. To avoid continuity issues his role was given to Tailgate, though Powerglide is still a crew member.
    • James Roberts wanted several Decepticons on the crew like Blitzwing, Soundwave, Mindwipe, and Ravage, but ultimately they appeared in RID instead. Only Ravage made it into the final product. Dreadwind would've been part of the crew as well if Mike Costa hadn't unexpectedly killed the character off during his run.
    • Chromedome, Drift and Ultra Magnus were all going to be killed in Overlord's rampage at different points in planning. Brainstorm, however, was never going to die!
    • According to an interview with James Roberts, the Annual could have included extended conversations between the characters in Crystal City where they discussed their attitudes toward religion, their faiths, and various experiences that shaped their stance towards Primus. Tailgate would've been with them, and Cyclonus would have explained to him that he disapproved of his branding ceremony because he thought it was the same as entering a cult, with the Autobots forcing their sets of values on him. The conversation between Skids and Chromedome would've also mentioned different Cybertronian takes on religion, such as nihilists, evangelists, atheists, agnostics, and would have had a more existential tone.
    • Word of God says that Fort Max was going to do a very morally questionable thing in order to defeat Overlord, but such action would've been so terrible that the only outcome for him would've been death or life imprisonment.
    • Fireflight, Ironhide, and Wheeljack were all supposed to be part of the crew during the planning process, with Ironhide being part of the Command Trio. However they all ended up being claimed by John Barber for Robots In Disguise so Fireflight and Wheeljack were purged from the story entirely, while Ironhide's role got swapped out for Ultra Magnus's role in the final product.
    • Skids was supposed to be introduced in issue 1 rather than issue 2, but space issues forced Roberts to push it back. This ended up being a blessing in disguise, since it allowed Roberts to give some more establishing moments and characterization for the main cast, Swerve in particular as he had only gotten a single panel introduction in issue 1.
    • Issue 9 was supposed to have a scene showing when Drift first met his old best friend Gasket, who's death caused Drift to initially join the Decepticons. This had to be cut for space. Similarly, issue 10 was supposed to have a scene where Tailgate learned about the Decepticon movement.
    • James Roberts admitted that originally Tailgate was actually going to die in issue 21. In fact this had been planned from issue 1, but Roberts changed his mind at the last minute because it would've been a waste of a character and it would've crippled Cyclonus's character arc. This explains why Tailgate's recovery is off-screen and he's absent in Dark Cybertron.
    • Issue 22 was supposed to have a hilarious B-plot that had to cut for space, involving Ratchet tricking Drift into thinking that his hands were possessed by Pharma.
    • Issue 31 went through two different names before the final issue title; "The Cybertronian Menagerie" and "Take One".
  • Word of Gay: James Roberts confirmed in an interview that Prowl is indeed attracted to Chromedome (and suggested that the two may have once been in a relationship), which is implied in the comic itself but not said explicitly.
  • Word of God: James Roberts keeps a steady stream of this through interviews and his own websites to explain certain details that couldn't be fit into the comic, such as the reasons the DJD members are so powerful.
  • Writers Have No Sense Of Scale: The Size of The Lost Light in perspective based on Ultra Magnus comments and artwork.
    • On a two-dimensional perspective, the Lost Light is 15 miles long and 10 miles wide, giving it a rough surface area of 150 square miles, roughly the equivalent of the Bronx and Brooklyn combined. However, because its a tri-dimensional figure, and based on the artwork, it has roughly a height of 3 miles, thus giving it a rough estimate of 450 square miles of total exterior surface area, about the total of ALL OF NEW YORK CITY.
    • The rough number of the crew hovers at around 300 cybertronians, each cybertronian would technically have 1.5 CUBIC MILE of space for themselves.
    • If you consider just width and length alone, each Ammonite must cover 2.85 sq miles by themselves just to surround it.
    • And if the Lost Light were to have a single rivet for every square foot of surface to keep it together, and Swerve and Rewind were to be punished by making them replace all the rivets in the exterior surface of the ship, it would take them 198.97 years were they to do it non-stop at a rate of 1-rivet per second.

The Promo Images

  • Season 1:
    • Red Alert - Is hearing things
    • Brainstorm - Has a suitcase
    • Swerve - Doesn't know
    • Cyclonus - Is key
    • Ultra Magnus - Won't make it
    • Ratchet - Knows his time is up
    • Rodimus - Believes his hype
    • Rewind - Does things he shouldn't
    • Rung - Wants to be remembered
    • Whirl - Hates Everyone
    • Drift - is trying too hard
    • Chromedome - is being used
  • Season 2:
    • Megatron - The Apostate
    • Nautica - The Savant
    • Riptide - The Knave
    • Traicutter - The Catalyst
    • Tailgate - The Ingenue
    • Nightbeat - The Inquisitor

The Music

  • Suspiciously Apropos Music: The Complete Soundtrack list for Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
    • Main Theme: Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines
    • Theme for season 2: Let's Make This Precious - Dexy's Midnight Runners
  • Issue 1
    • Fiona Apple - Across the Universe
    • The Divine Comedy - Absent Friends
  • Issue 2
    • Stars - Calendar Girl
    • The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
  • Issue 3
    • The Mountain Goats - Love Love Love
    • The Divine Comedy - Tonight We Fly
  • Issue 4
    • Suede - The Next Life
    • The Editors - Smoker's Outside the Hospital Doors
  • Issue 5
    • Belle & Sebastian - Get Me Away From here, I'm Dying
    • Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Carries On
    • Tindersticks - City Sickness
  • Issue 6
    • Lonely, Dear - Sinister in a State of Hope
    • Beulah - A Good Man is Easy to Kill
  • Issue 7
    • Emmy The Great - Easter Parade
    • Los Campesinos - My Year in Lists
  • Annual
    • Echo & the Bunnymen - Nothing Lasts Forever
    • Gene - For the Dead
    • Departure Lounge - Too Late to Die Young
  • Issue 8
    • Iron & Wine - Die
    • The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize
  • Shadowplay Arc
    • Mew - Comforting Sounds
  • Issue 9
    • The Leisure Society - Our Hearts Burn Like Damp Matches
    • Jon Brion - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Theme
  • Issue 10
    • Choir of Young Believers - Action/Reaction
    • Hjaltalin - Traffic Music
  • Issue 11
    • I Am Kloot - No Fear of Falling
    • Joy Division - Atmosphere
    • The Cure - Plainsong
  • Spotlight:Orion Pax
    • Frausdots - Softlight
  • Spotlight:Trailctutter
    • Cloud Cult - Nobody said this would be Easy
    • Carter USM - The only living boy in New Cross
  • Spotlight:Hoist
    • The Books - Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again
    • Cake - The Distance
  • Issue 12
    • Radiohead - Airbag
    • Eluvium - Prelude for Time Feelers
  • Issue 13
    • Morrissey - Now my Heart is Full
    • Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
    • Rialto - The Underdogs
    • The Lodger - The Good Old Days
    • David Byrne - The Man Who Loved Beer
    • Pelle Carlberg - Pamplona
    • The Research - Lonely Hearts Still Beat The Same
    • Duke Special - The Night I Nearly Died
    • Super Furry Animals - It's not the end of the world?
    • Pulp - Bar Italia
  • Issue 14
    • Pulp - The Fear
    • Magazine - A Song from under the floorboards
    • James - Born of Frustration
  • Issue 15
    • Morrissey - The First of the Gang to Die
    • Johnny Cash - The Mercy Seat
    • Duels - Brothers and Sisters
  • Issue 16
    • Pet Shop Boys - Your Funny Uncle
    • Mercury Rev - Holes
    • Mogwai - Tracy
    • Neil Hammon & Yann Tiersen - Les Jours Tristes
    • Momus - The Sadness of Things
    • Byrne - Embers
    • Snow Patrol - Run
    • Arco - Lullaby
  • Remain In Light Arc
    • Doctor Who - A Dazzling End
    • Blur - The Universal
  • Issue 17
    • Talking Heads - Heaven
    • The Shins - A Comet Appears
    • The Ballet - Is Anybody out there?
  • Issue 18
    • Clearlake - Winterlight
    • Drugstore - El President
    • Holm - Afterglow
  • Issue 20
    • Shakespeare's Sister - Hello
  • Issue 21
    • Ballboy - Stronger Hearts Than Mine Lie Empty
    • John Murphy - Sunshine (Adagio in D Minor)
    • Morrissey - Nobody loves Us
    • Soulsavers - Longest Day
    • Arcade Fire - No Cars Go
    • (The Real) Tuesday Weld - Dreaming of You
  • Issue 22
    • Laptop - End Credits
    • Frank Turner - I Knew Prufrock before he got famous
    • Black Box Recorder - Goodnight Kiss
  • World, Shut Your Mouth Arc
    • Julian Cope - World, Shut Your Mouth
  • Issue 28
    • Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - A Question of Trust
    • Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. Blue Sky
    • Frisbie - Let's Get Started
  • Issue 29
    • The Ladybug Transistor - Words Hang In The Air
  • Issue 30
    • Morrissey - Speedway
    • Public Image Limited - Rise
    • Radiohead - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  • Issue 31
    • Labradford - S
    • The Divine Comedy - Lost Property
  • Issue 32
    • Low - The Dark
    • Death in Vegas - Dirge
    • Simon Warner - Waiting Rooms
    • The Divine Comedy - Note To Self
  • Issue 33
    • Smog - Teenage Spaceship
    • Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space
    • Lightning Seeds - Pure
    • Pelvis - Light And Day
  • Issue 34
    • Michael Nyman - Knowing the Ropes
    • Micah P. Hinson - Don't You Forget
    • The Notwist - The Devil, You + Me
  • Issue 35
    • Longpigs - Blue Skies
    • Radiohead - No Surprises
  • Issue 36
    • Clem Slide - Soft Spot
    • Julian Cope - An Elegant Chaos
  • Character Songs
    • Rodimus: My Friend the Chocolate Cake - I got a Plan
    • Tailgate: Mark Oliver Everett - Helle, Cruel World
    • Chromedome and Rewind: Kenickie - I Would Fix You
    • Ultra Magnus: Jon De Rosa - True Men
    • Megatron: Scott Walker - The Old Man's Back Again
    • Nautica: The Lucksmiths - Fiction
    • Brainstorm: Pet Shop Boys - Left To My Own Devices

Listen to the MTMTE on Spotify here.

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