Trivia / Transformers Headmasters

  • Bad Export for You: The series has finally been given an R1 DVD release, however, the recaps, eyecatches and previews are all missing, and the subtitles have typos, missing words, and even the "wrong" names for the characters (e.g., "Double Convoy" is referred to in the subtitles as "Rodimus Prime" despite clearly hearing the other name)note .
  • Exiled from Continuity: Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx don't appear in this series at all. This is because their toys were designed by a then-rival to Takara (The company responsible for the Diaclone toys the original Transformer characters were based on), who didn't want the competition's creations in the show.
  • No Dub for You: The english dub was produce for Asian markets, and is only watched nowadays to make fun of it because it's So Bad, It's Good. It did get a dub produced in LA, for Latin American markets (using the cast of the original cartoon no less!).