Trivia / Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

  • Actor Allusion: Cliffjumper's no stranger to exploring tombs.
  • Call-Back: Grimlock's missions contain a number of call backs to humorous moments featuring him and his fellow Dinobots, including Slag excusing himself while walking over a piece of rubble with a Decepticon underneath, and Grimlock and Slag arguing about Beryllium baloney and Cesium salami.
  • Developer To The Rescue: Hasbro had already decided that the Dinobots didn't fit into the Prime/War for Cybertron universe long ago. Matt Tieger, game director of High Moon studios managed to change their minds to allow him to add them to the game.
    • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: The article that reported this makes a big deal about how Tieger saved the Dinobots after Hasbro decided to permanently retire them from the entire brand. Recently-introduced toys such as Grimstone and Dualor make this claim seem highly suspect.
    • Tieger has stated in fan interviews that the article misunderstood. In reality, Hasbro had simply not yet decided what to do with the Dinobots in the new aligned continuity, and when his team approached them wanting to use them, Hasbro was more than happy to work with them to integrate Dinobots with dinosaur modes onto Cybertron. See here for more.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • The Other Darrin: Nolan North is the third voice actor for Cliffjumper in the Transformers Aligned Universe, the first two being Steve Blum in the DS version of War for Cybertron and Dwayne Johnson in Prime. Also, despite reprising his role from G1 as Grimlock, Gregg Berger is this to Crispin Freeman, who also voiced Grimlock on the DS version of WfC. Troy Baker takes over from Scott Whyte as the voice of Jazz.