Trivia / Transcendence


  • Box Office Bomb: Ultimately averted, if barely. Budget? $100 million. Box office? $103 million.
  • Doing It for the Art: Wally Pfister not only filmed the movie on 35mm film (since he's an advocate for film stocks) but also had it edited and processed photochemically as opposed to digitally. Even for such a bad film, that is to be admired.
  • Fake American: Irish actor Cillian Murphy plays an American character.
  • Playing Against Type: Johnny Depp is known for playing hammish and eccentric characters, especially in the last decade. In here, he's assuming one of his most subdued and realistic roles to date. Very subdued.

Video Game

  • Development Hell: It took seven years for the game to get from initial announcement to a 1.0 release. Now that George has returned to full-time game development, the pace of development has picked up significantly.
  • What Could Have Been: Partially subverted; the concept art on the official site depicts ink drawings of ships take look startlingly similar to the ones in game. However, this is played straight with several ships which have been remodeled multiple times or even outright replaced (or never made it into the game in the first place).
  • Running the Asylum: Official extensions are both considered canon and made by the community.