Trivia / Touched by an Angel

  • Acting for Two: Roma Downey as Monica and her Evil Twin Monique.
  • Actor Allusion: Rose's story in the season 8 episode "The Bells Of Saint Peter's" guest stars Doris Roberts as a older woman who is sticking her nose in the affairs of the life of a younger woman she is related to. Sound familar?
  • Breakaway Pop Hit: The show's soundtrack produced "Somebody's Out There Watching" by The Kinleys.
  • Executive Meddling: The original concept toed the line between "God Is Evil" and "Humans are just another of God's Wonderful Toys", but CBS fired the creator when he refused to write more idealistic episodes.
  • What Could Have Been: Bill Cosby was originally going to make a guest appearance as the "Angel of Fun", but this was cancelled when his son Ennis was murdered. He subsequently appeared in two episodes as the Angel of Reconciliation. (He is sent to reconcile a father with a son the father thought was dead. Cosby's theme was "Never mind old quarrels, you should be glad your son is alive"...)
    • The entire series was meant to focus exclusively on human suffering, and how it exists in our world because God is a bit of a practical joker, and amused by it. Also, the original idea for the angels was that they were humans who had died and become the servants of God, and possessed the power over life and death.