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  • Fandom Life Cycle: Currently at stage 3, but is nearing the brink of stage 4.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The recurring blond intern is nicknamed "Billy". The creators of the show have also referred to said intern as Billy.
    • The flight attendant from the final episode of Action is nicknamed "Emily".
    • The one-eyed fireworks salesman from the episode "Planes, Trains, Hot Air Mobiles" is nicknamed "Lester".
    • Beth is sometimes referred to as "Ugly Bethy".
    • Ezekiel's feral Gollum form is commonly referred to as "Zombie Zeke", "Feral Zeke" or "Gollumschool", and more recently as "Freakzekiel" based on a line Chris said:
      Chris: I, Chris Mclean, am not scared of that misunderstood freak-show named Ezekiel.
    • "Darth Alejandro" or "Alejan-Bot" is used to describe Alejandro's state after he is put in the Drama Machine, as part of the Star Wars Shout-Out.
    • B is commonly referred to as "Silent B".
    • "Zoebo" for Commando Zoey (because her headband is reminiscent of Rambo) after she Took a Level in Badass.
    • Lightning is often nicknamed "SHA-moron", by fans and haters alike.
    • When Cameron dons the Powered Armour he made in the Revenge of the Island Finale it has earned him the title "Iron Cam"
      • Haters of Cameron have often nicknamed him as "Cammy-Bear".
    • Cameron, Mike, and Zoey have been dubbed "The Terrible Trio" by a very large group of dedicated haters, for obvious reasons. Love them or hate them, that's the name they're now known by.
    • Sam is often referred to as "The Non-All-Star", due to odd choice of including him in the season.
    • Up until Mal's name was revealed in "No one Egg-spects the Spanish Opposition" the fans had a variety of placeholder names for him, including Xander, Shadow, Ekim, Venom, Mikeleficent, Mike Ishtar/Yami Mike, Melvin, Mad Mikey, Evil Mike, Anti-Mike, and Mikey Hyde.
    • Various ones have been given to All-Stars like "Eww-Stars", "All-Sucks", or "The Mal and Zoey Show".
    • Some of it's episodes have also acquired names such as:
      • The infamous "Sundae Muddy Sundae" as "Sundae Destroyer Sundae" or "Sundae Bloody Sundae".
      • "The Bold and the Booty-ful" is often referred to as "The Bold and the Bears**t-full" (or something along those lines).
      • Or how about "The Final Wreck-ening" as "The Final Retch-ening"? (On Teletoons and Cartoon Network it was actually spelled "The Final Wrech-ening")
    • Rodney was known as Wreck-It Rodney for a while.
    • Some fans refer to Shawn as "Shawn of the Dead" or "Zombie Slayer Shawn".
    • Many haters of Sugar refer to her as " Sugar Boo-Boo".
    • Leonard has been referred to as "The Hogwarts Reject" or "Gandalf the Great Delusional Idiot".
    • Sammy, Shawn, and Jasmine are the ¡Three Amigos!.
    • Amy, Max, and Scarlett are the Evil Trio.
      • With Scarlett as The Scarlett Witch.
  • Franchise Killer: All-Stars is this for the very vocal minority that weren't swayed by Pahkitew Island.
  • Name's the Same: When someone brings up "Jasmine", are they talking about the girl from Leshawna's message-from-home or the Pahkitew Island contestant?
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.

  • Creator's Favorite: Owen to Tom McGillis, and Cameron to Ed MacDonald.
    • Also apparently, Duncan to Todd Kauffman and Alex Naussbaum.
  • Development Gag: Several character designs from Camp TV, Total Drama's prototype series, are often used as minor characters in the finished product.
    • The early designs of Duncan, DJ, Cody, Tyler, and Katie are quite often seen as interns.
    • Sadie's early design appears in a few episodes of Action, as well as Justin's girlfriend in the special.
    • One of Leshawna's early designs was retooled as her cousin Leshaniqua in "One Flu Over the Cuckoos".
    • Dakota's first design was later recycled into Zoey.
    • B in Revenge of the Island resembles DJ's original design.
    • Twins Mickey and Jay from Ridonculous Race, look exactly like Cameron's original design with a change of outfit.
    • The guy in the first episode of Ridonculous Race who hands out clues looks like Willy, an Aftermath Guest who was Bridgette's biggest fan.
  • Milestone Celebration: "Zeke and You Shall Find" the 100th episode in the series.
  • No Export for You: While the Castilian Spanish version only aired the first season, the British version ended at "Action". As of April 2015, neither Germany nor Japan have their hands on the series.
  • Old Shame: All-Stars is this to Tom McGillis.
  • Scully Box: Cody is actually drawn a couple inches above the ground whenever Sierra uses Marshmallow Hell, to make up for their height differences.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Christian Potenza originally auditioned to voice Ezekiel, but was persuaded by Tom McGills to voice Chris..
    • Lindsay was intended to be the series' Alpha Bitch.
    • The Island episode "Haute Camp-ture" was supposed to feature a Fashion Show-esque challenge, but the idea was dropped at the last minute. The episode's title was changed to "After the Dock of Shame" in some TV guides.
    • World Tour was originally to be called Total Drama, the Musical, feature only 15 contestants, and including visits to locations such as Italy; Hershey, Pennsylvania; Scotland; and Toronto, none of which made it in the final product note .
    • Revenge of the Island has a few:
      • Cameo appearances by Leshawna, Harold, and Tyler were planned but scrapped the last minute. All three still made brief cameos along with the rest of the original characters in the first episode.
      • Revenge of the Island was also much different in it's early stages.
      • According to this article from 2008, Revenge of the Island was also originally called Total Drama Comedy in it's very early planning stages.
    • According to Word of God, the original All-Stars line-up included Owen, Cody and Brick, but last minute decisions had them replaced with Gwen and Sam, and the cast cut down to 14. However Owen still managed to get a cameo in the finale, and Cody got frequently mentioned by Sierra and had his face appear in hallucinations. The same line-up also revealed plots that didn't make it into the season such as Courtney getting revenge on Heather note , Duncan getting revenge on Courtney, the continuation of Zoey's commando persona, and Scott once again having evil intentions by creating a new and improved strategy after analyzing past Total Drama episodes.
      • Owen was dropped. According to rumors, Scott McCord declined to voice Owen for a whole season.
      • Cody was dropped because they thought his relationship with Sierra had been fully played out in World Tour.
      • Brick was replaced by Sam because he had "more drama potential".
      • Anne Maria was also a part of the original cast before being replaced by an Island competitor.
      • Allegedly, Dawn & Harold were also considered before being replaced by Lindsay & Sam respectively.
      • And then there's a trailer from late 2011 (two months before Revenge of the Island aired and almost two years before All-Stars actually aired).
    • According to his character bio, Max from Pahkitew Island was said to have psychic powers that allowed him to see only 3 seconds into the future. No traits of his psychic powers were shown in the actual season and was simply the Big Bad Wannabe.
    • Examples regarding the spinoff The Ridoncolus Race:
      • Don (the show's host) originally started off with a much different design and was known as Chadley Chizzleton which went with his original basis of Ron Burgundy.
      • Lorenzo used to be known as Keifer than Chad, and Chet was known as Keith.
      • Rock started out as Mike than Roach, while Spuds started out as Corky than Sparky.
      • Mac Arthur started out as Marsha and Sanders was known as Beth.
      • The Geniuses (Mary & Ellody) were originally known as the AV Club.
      • The Surfer Dudes (Geoff & Brody) were originally known as The Bromance Bros. Brody also used to be known as Bro.
      • The Skaters (Jacques & Josee) started out as siblings.
      • The Fashion Bloggers (Tom & Jen) started out as The BFF's and were the producer's assistants.
      • While The Tennis Rivals (Gerry & Pete) have a Friendly Rivalry with one another, they originally started out as mortal enemies who hated each other.
      • Leonard from Pahkitew Island was picked at the last minute because they wanted a magician character but figured "He was just as good" as well as to save money on production. This also lead to Tammy's creation as the magician was to be paired up with an assistant.
      • Besides the aforementioned magician and his assistant, a few other teams were considered but ultimately cut. These include an elderly couple in their 90's, a team of Pranksters, a team of Extreme Girls who were obsessed with over the top reality TV, and a team of nerds.
  • Working Title:
    • World Tour started out as Total Drama: The Musical.
    • Revenge of the Island started out as Total Drama Comedy (as mentioned above) then Total Drama Reloaded.
    • The Pahkitew Island episode "Break Back Mountain" became "Sky Fall".

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