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Trivia: Total Drama
aka: Total Drama Island
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  • Fan Nickname:
  • Name's the Same: When someone brings up "Jasmine", are they talking about the girl from Leshawna's message-from-home or the Pahkitew Island contestant?
  • No Export for You: While the Castilian dub (Spain) only aired season one, neither Germany nor Japan have their hands on the series, as of July 2014.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Christian Potenza originally auditioned to voice Ezekiel, but was persuaded by Tom McGills to voice Chris..
    • The Island episode Haute Camp-ture was supposed to have a Fashion Show-esque challenge, but was dropped at the last minute, also the episode's title was changed to "After the Dock of Shame" though some TV guides.
    • World Tour was originally to be called Total Drama, the Musical, feature only 15 contestants, and including visits to locations such as Italy, Hershey, PA; Scotland, and Toronto none of which made it in the final product note .
    • According to Word of God, the original All-Stars line-up included Owen, Cody and Brick, but last minute decisions had them replaced with Gwen and Sam, and the cast cut down to 14. However Owen still managed to get a cameo in the finale, and Cody got frequently mentioned by Sierra, as well as his face appearing in hallucinations. The same line-up also shows plots that didn't make it into the season like Courtney getting revenge on Heather note , Duncan getting revenge on Courtney, the continuation of Zoey's commando persona, and Scott once again having evil intentions by perfecting a new and improved strategy after analyzing past Total Drama episodes.
      • Cody was dropped because they thought his relationship with Sierra had been fully played out in World Tour.
      • Anne Maria was also a part of the original cast before being replaced by an Island competitor.
    • According to his character bio, Max from Pahkitew Island was said to have physic powers that allowed him to see only 3 seconds into the future. No traits of his physic powers were shown in the actual season and was simply the Big Bad Wannabe. His full name was also Maximilian.
  • The Wiki Rule: Here.

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