Trivia / Tosca

  • Fatal Method Acting: While there have been no confirmed fatalities connected with Tosca, there have been plenty of injuries over the years, to the point where people talk about a Tosca curse:
    • Scarpias have been stabbed for real with malfunctioning prop knives (This happened, for instance, to Maria Callas' longtime co-performer Tito Gobbi).
    • Cavaradossis have been struck by shrapnel from prop guns. See an agonizing example here (at 1:58).
    • Toscas have missed the mattress in the final jump.
  • Throw It In!: One night on stage, the famous soprano Maria Jeritza tripped and fell, just before Tosca's great aria Vissi d'arte. Rather than climb awkwardly back up again to sing, she chose to remain on the floor for the duration of the aria. This worked so well that it has become traditional that Tosca sings Vissi d'arte while lying on the floor.