Trivia / Tom Petty

  • Executive Meddling: In one of his songs, the line "Let's roll another joint" either had "joint" reversed, making it sound like 'toinj' or edited to have "roll another joint" replaced with "hit another joint," which actually does nothing to hide the drug innuendo and actually makes it a Double Entendre, as "hit another joint" can also mean "go somewhere else."
    • Also Averted in several close-calls. In one early example, the record company wanted him to change the word "cocaine" to "champagne" in "Listen to Her Heart". The strange thing is, the context of the song makes it anti-cocaine.
    • He famously fought MCA Records (successfully) and their decision to raise the price of Hard Promises for $8.98 to $9.98 as part of a "superstar pricing" policy (Steely Dan's Gaucho and the Xanadu soundtrack were also selected) . He even threatened to name the album "The $8.98 Album".
  • Troubled Production: Several:
    • Damn the Torpedoes, with Tom being sued by multiple parties for "breach of contract" and filing for bankruptcy, while paying for the sessions out of his own pocket.
    • Very much Southern Accents, for many reasons (it didn't help that the record company wanted the album Christmas Rushed) with the result that Tom slammed his hand into a wall and pulverized his hand.
  • What Could Have Been: After Kurt Cobain's death, Dave Grohl did a stint as a drummer for the Heartbreakers in November 1994 (which included an SNL appearance), eventually getting offered a permanent place in the band. He declined, recording what eventually became the Foo Fighters' debut album.