Trivia / ToeJam & Earl

  • Executive Meddling: Panic on Funkotron was originally closer to the first game in terms of gameplay before Sega had them change it to the side-scroller seen in the finished product. Some of the differences between the first game and Mission To Earth were also made at Sega's request.
  • Franchise Killer: Mission to Earth's commercial underperformance pretty much killed any chance at a revival. Until 2015...
  • Sequel Gap: Twice. Mission to Earth was released nine years after Panic on Funkotron, and Back In The Groove will be released fifteen years after Mission to Earth.
  • Throw It In: ToeJam and Earl were originally named FlowJam and Whirl, but the man coding their names in misheard them and wrote in ToeJam and Earl. Sega liked the latter names.
    • Trolling Creator: In a twichfeed, Greg confessed this isn't true. He made it up during interviews while "Punchy"
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Besides the Totally Radical slang, the cover of the first game firmly places it in the early 90s, especially the Japanese version with its crimped starry border.
  • What Could Have Been: The third game was slated to be released on the Dreamcast but the failure of that console forced Greg to redevelop the game for the Xbox.
  • Working Title: All Funked Up was the original subtitle to the third game.