HeyItsThatGuy: It's an AllStarCast which includes [[Film/BatmanBegins Commissioner]] [[Film/TheDarkKnight James]] [[Film/TheDarkKnightRises Gordon]], [[Film/TheKingsSpeech King George VI]], [[Series/IClaudius The Emperor Caligula]], [[Series/{{Rome}} Julius Caesar]], [[Film/{{The Dark Knight Rises}} Bane]], [[Series/DoctorWho The Dream Lord]], [[Series/{{Sherlock}} the thoroughly modern Sherlock Holmes]], [[Film/SherlockHolmes his nemesis from the 2009 film version]] and many more!
** GaryOldman has laughed that the Circus board room was basically six degrees of Film/HarryPotter, with Creator/ColinFirth and MarkStrong being the only English Actors who had not starred in any of the films.
*** [[DowntonAbbey Edith Crawley]] is a filing clerk at the Circus.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ''Film/{{Oldboy}}'' director Creator/ParkChanWook was offered the film at one point.