Trivia / ThunderCats (1985)
aka: Thundercats

  • Acting for Two: Very common on this show, due to the small voice cast. Heck, the whole cast did multiple characters at one point or another. Specifically:
    • Larry Kenney voices Lion-O and Jackalman.
    • Tygra, Bengali, Wilykat and Monkian are all voiced by Peter Newman.
    • Cheetara and Wilykit are both voiced by Lynne Lipton.
    • Earle Hyman plays both Panthro and one of the Ancient Spirits of Evil.
  • Creator's Pest: Peter Lawrence, the header writer of the series, considered Tygra "boring" (and because of it, Lawrence reportedly shipped Cheetara with Lion-O rather than Tygra). Lawrence didn't think too highly of Pumyra either, which is why they both got Put on a Bus (or rather left behind) in the fourth and final season (with Tygra's final appearance forcing him to carry the Idiot Ball).
  • The Other Darrin: Earl Hammond replaced Bob McFadden as Vultureman after a few appearances.
  • What Could Have Been: At one point there was a script entitled Goodbye Jaga that would have been Jaga's final appearance after which his spirit could no longer help Lion-O, but it never materialized.
    • There was apparently talk of a fifth season but it too never materialized.
    • Maa-Mutt was originally going to be called Ravage.
  • The Wiki Rule: The ThunderCats Wiki and ThunderCats Ho Wiki.

The following are Trivial facts relating to ThunderCats (1985).

  • Thunder Cats was created in 1982, but due to difficulties it wouldn't air until 1985.
    • It was animated in Japan, Korea and partly in Europe by a small time studio faction.
    • Ironically, it never aired in Japan.
  • Some of the actors, namely Mumm-Ra's actor Earl Hammond, were radio personalities before doing the show. Which explains their over the top stylings.
    • The same goes for Mumm-Ra's "Mexican" (as he was Spaniard) dub voice actor, Antonio Monsell. He was a theater actor, rather than a proper voice actor.
    • In Brazil, it was Tygra's first voice actor, Francisco Barbosa, who came from radio.

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