Trivia / Three Days Grace

  • Band of Relatives: Inverted; the band members have family members in other bands! Brad's younger brother Matt Walst is the lead singer of Toronto hard rock group My Darkest Days and Adam's cousin Cale Gontier plays bass for Vancouver alternative group Art of Dying (who got his start as one of TDG's guitar techs). Adam sang guest vocals on the re-recording of "Inside It's Raining" for AOD's major-label debut, and he'll usually make an appearance with the band to sing with them whenever they're both at the same festival.
    • Played straight as Matt Walst is filling in as lead singer on the current tour.
  • The Band Minus the Face: Adam resigned from the band January 9 2013.
  • Creator Breakdown: Adam's addiction to Oxycontin, which got him sent to rehab (resulting in a large amount of tracks in their second album such as "Pain," "Animal I Have Become", and "Over And Over".).
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: In the "Break" music video, Barry flips of the camera and it goes uncensored.
  • In Memoriam: Their Live at the Palace DVD/Blu-Ray, dedicated to their deceased manager.
  • Old Shame: Adam often comes off as sheepish regarding the less mature lyrics he wrote on the debut. He calls "I Hate Everything About You" "Really blunt".