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Trivia: Those That Wake
  • What Could Have Been: Several things were changed from earlier drafts of What We Become.
    • Man In Suit was going to return as a villain, albeit in a very different form. His death was going to have sent splinters of living idea out into people's minds. One of the splinters was going to lodge itself in the idea of the Old Man, who was really only an urban legend. Powered by Man In Suit, the Old Man was going to come to life and attempt to reclaim the other splinters of Man In Suit from people's minds.
    • Defeating the Old Man in the original version was a sort of psychic confrontation, but the reader didn't travel into the minds of the combatants. Also, in that version, Laura was confronting him alone, while Mal raced to get there in time. He failed, leading to Laura's death.
    • Originally, there was no neuropleth, that concept being filled by Man In Suit. Remak would exist as a disembodied mind, which the Old Man would absorb.
  • Working Title: Those That Wake was originally titled Four, and What We Become was titled The Unmade Man.
  • Write Who You Know: The Librarian's name and character are taken from one of the author's mentors.

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