Trivia / The Wrong Trousers

  • Creator's Favorite: Nick Park has said that this short had what he felt was the best pacing and the most self-contained story of any Wallace and Gromit film.
  • Defictionalization: Attempted, but failed. YouTube-based inventor William Osman attempted to recreate Wallace's jam launcher, but real-life physics wouldn't allow a big enough wad of jam to be launched straight onto a piece of toast, covering the whole thing.
  • Development Gag: Steve Box described Feathers McGraw as being animated "like a floating milk bottle." Gromit defeats him by catching him inside one.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Most DVD releases of "The Wrong Trousers" replace several music cues (including "Happy Birthday to You" and "How Much is That Doggy in the Window") due to copyright issues. However, the very first DVD release and early broadcast versions of the short have all of this music intact.
  • Orphaned Reference: Feathers McGraw is a holdover from the original idea for the story, where a huge flock of penguins came to live with Wallace and Gromit during an especially cold winter in England. In the final film, he's a penguin because it's funny.
  • Throw It In!
    • In-between shooting days on the breakfast scene, all of the props shifted overnight. Wallace bangs the table and jostles everything to hide the jump cut.
    • In Feathers McGraw's first scene, he was meant to slowly turn around and face Gromit. The model however was so small this was impossible, so a sharp and sudden turn was used and was deemed more effective. Making a very fitting Establishing Character Moment.
    • The decision to have Feathers constantly blaring organ music from his room came from putting on records of generic organ music during dailies so as not to make the music-less footage appear boring.