Trivia / The Tripods

  • Creator Backlash: John Christopher was pleased with the first season of the TV series, but felt that the second season drifted too far from his original vision by its end.
  • Development Hell: The supposed film adaptation was announced as being in pre-production in 2005 and was supposed to be released around 2012. Obviously that hasn't happened.
  • Jossed: Some readers theorized that the trilogy was an Alternate Continuity of The War of the Worlds. Then, Christopher wrote the prequel.
  • The TV series was notable for being one of the first television series to avoid the use of Rubber-Forehead Aliens. The Masters were animatronic puppets that had roughly triangular bodies,with one limb supporting the torso/head segment and two other limbs extending from a shoulder-like area, one one limb each side of the central torso-limb.
    • This is a change from the books, where they were more upright, with three legs, three tentacles and three eyes,plus a nasal-oral area, on a heavy body that was a roughly triangular torso and head with no real neck.
  • What Could Have Been: The outline of season 3 followed the books relatively closely, but added a few elements for extra drama. Jules would have found a traitor after things kept going wrong, but continued problems would have lead to questions about a second traitor. When Will's group destroyed the domed city, he would have rescued Eloise, who was in suspended animation rather than dead as in the books, and taken her back to the chateau. However, news of the failure of the attack on the third city would have prompted him to leave to go back to the fight.