Trivia / The Three Caballeros

  • California Doubling: The beach sequence was actually the Walt Disney Studios parking lot converted into a beach.
  • The Danza: José is still voiced by José Oliviera, while Professor Holloway (Narrator of ''The Cold-Blooded Penguin) is voiced by Sterling Holloway.
  • Fan Nickname: Back in his homeland of Brazil, José is endearingly known as "Zé Carioca".
  • Name's the Same: A very obscure variant comprehensible only to Disney buffs, but the Pablo the Penguin here should not be confused with a certain other penguin named Pablo
  • Poor Man's Substitute: The dancer is not Carmen Miranda, but her sister Aurora.
  • Same Language Dub: Joaquin Garay dubbed himself as Panchito in the Mexican Spanish dub, but only in the songs.
  • What Could Have Been: As mentioned above, there was another planned film for the caballeros. It would have not only introduced the fourth caballero, but also would have taken place in Cuba. The book The Disney that Never Was: Stories of Unproduced Animation talks about it. And designs of the fourth caballero show that he is Cuban. The idea was likely buried when Cuba became part of the Warsaw Pact communist regime that included the U.S.'s very bitter Arch-Enemy at the time, the Soviet Union, because the pact led to an embargo and severed relations with Cuba that lasted until 2015.
    • There was a planned segment to be titled The Pelican and the Snipe, but it ended up being released as a separate short.

  • This is the only major package film to be released completely intact during Frank Wells and Jeffrey Katzenberg's tenures at Disney in the 80's and early 90's (but it was not included in the Walt Disney Classics line that featured the single story animated features plus Fantasia.) Two other package films, Fun And Fancy Free and The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, had been released on video prior, but weren't reissued until the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection, which came after Wells and Katzenberg's runs ended with the former's death and the latter's resignation; the Masterpiece Collection DID include The Three Caballeros.