Trivia: The Streets of San Francisco

  • Hey, It's That Guy!
    • Richard Hatch as Inspector Dan Robbins.
    • Tim O'Connor as Lt. Roy Devitt.
    • You may not know Denver Pyle from looking at him, but if you listen to him you can hear Uncle Jesse.
    • Yes, that's Arnold Schwarzenegger in a rare (even then) villainous role as an unbalanced, murderous bodybuilder in "Dead Lift."
    • Both Starsky & Hutch appeared on the show (in separate episodes). Someone might have noticed, given how both series use the same typeface for their credits.
    • Nor are they the only future TV detectives to turn up, with Mary Beth Lacey in "Commitment" and Kris Munroe in "Blockade."
    • "The Hard Breed" has Jim Rockford's dad and J.R. Ewing's dad. And speaking of Rockford, his friend on the force Dennis Becker turns up in "Rampage."
  • Playing Against Type: Ever wanted to see Bill Bixby as a ruthless assassin? "Target: Red" is for you.

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The Streets Of San Fransisco