Trivia: The Streets of San Francisco

  • Hey, It's That Guy!
    • Richard Hatch as Inspector Dan Robbins.
    • Tim O'Connor as Lt. Roy Devitt.
    • You may not know Denver Pyle from looking at him, but if you listen to him you can hear Uncle Jesse.
    • Yes, that's Arnold Schwarzenegger in a rare (even then) villainous role as an unbalanced, murderous bodybuilder in "Dead Lift."
    • Both Starsky & Hutch appeared on the show (in separate episodes). Someone might have noticed, given how both series use the same typeface for their credits.
    • Nor are they the only future TV detectives to turn up, with Mary Beth Lacey in "Commitment" and Kris Munroe in "Blockade."
    • "The Hard Breed" has Jim Rockford's dad and J.R. Ewing's dad. And speaking of Rockford, his friend on the force Dennis Becker turns up in "Rampage."
    • In "School Of Fear" Epstein is one of four problem students taken captive, and Shtarker is the school's Dean (a very straight role, and one not mentioned on the credits).
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Ever wanted to see Bill Bixby as a ruthless assassin? "Target: Red" is for you.
  • What Could Have Been: The show's only two-parter "The Thrill Killers" was originally planned to air as a two-hour season premiere (which is why Part 2 has Acts V-VIII), but Fred Silverman insisted that it be split in two so that the second part could go up against the season premiere of fellow QM Production Barnaby Jones on CBS and hopefully beat it in the ratings. (It didn't work. Plus it turned out to be the final season for The Streets of San Francisco, whereas Barnaby Jones ran until 1980.)

Alternative Title(s):

The Streets Of San Fransisco