Trivia / The Seven Deadly Sins
aka: Nanatsu No Taizai

  • Actor Allusion:
    • Bryce Papenbrook voices Meliodas, a short, blond, Lovable Sex Maniac who tends to grope a princess. Sound familiar?
    • In the Mexican Spanish dub, Mead, a mischievous, trouble-making boy who appears in ep. 2 of the first season, is voiced by Isabel Martiñon, who also voiced Naruto, another mischievous, trouble-making kid, at least at first.
  • Crossdressing Voices: Hawk the male pig is voiced by females in the original Japanese, both Spanish dubs and the English dub. And of course, virtually every other language.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Prior to his name being revealed, Puora the fairy was given the name Gawain by some Japanese fans since he looked like a character from one of Nakaba's previous works.
    • Prior to Gloxinia's name and actual gender being revealed, he was given the fan nickname of Octololi for his rather misleading appearance.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Many speculated that Armando would be actually Gowther in disguise, and that the gigantic armor assumed to be Gowther would actually be controlled remotely by him. A lot of people guessed correctly about Armando actually being Gowther but almost no one expected Gowther to be so effeminate looking when he revealed his true identity. The identity of who really was in Gowther's armor on the other hand, apparently was something completely unexpected.
    • Elizabeth being the reincarnation of Liz was speculated by some. In a similar vein, she also being the reincarnation of Meliodas' lover from 3,000 years ago who convinced him to turn good and that lover was the first of a long line of multiple reincarnations was speculated by some as well.
    • There was a bit of a theory by some that Escanor's glasses allowed him to be in his nighttime form during the day when it was noticed he was in said form during certain times that suspiciously couldn't possibly be at night. Sure enough, this later proved to be true.
    • Elizabeth's original incarnation being actually the daughter of the Supreme Goddess was speculated based on some clues.
    • It was speculated within the fandom that Escanor's sun based powers maybe related to the Goddess Clan. This proved true when it was revealed that Escanor's ability, Sunshine, is a actually special blessing called a Grace that was once wielded by the Archangel Mael.
  • Jossed: It was speculated within the fandom that Merlin may be a demon or connected to the Demon Clan in some way. Reasons for this theory include her having a number of items that come from the demon world, she apparently having ties to the demons, and the way her true name is rendered in a very demonic looking manner. This theory was jossed when it was revealed that Merlin is actually a girl from Belialuin, the capital of wizards, who had received blessings from both the Demon King and the Supreme Goddess.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Real-Life Relative: Elizabeth's Mexican voice actress Lupita Leal is the sister of Miguel Ángel Leal (Meliodas's Mexican dub actor).
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the initial one shot of the manga, the character dynamic between Meliodas and Elizabeth was completely different from what would be presented in the manga proper. Instead of a Chivalrous Pervert as he is depicted in the manga proper, Meliodas was not one bit perverted and more of a Straight Man. In contrast, instead of a Reluctant Fanservice Girl, Elizabeth was a Shameless Fanservice Girl. Their roles were basically switched in the manga proper.

      Additionally, Meliodas had a BFS instead of a broken sword, and the bar he owned was actually a spider-legged fortress that resembled abit like Howl's Moving Castle with the capability of burying itself like Hawk's mom.
    • Some extra pages in Volume 11 reveal what the initial concepts of the other Sins were:
      • Ban was originally going to be a traitorous Holy Knight with a completely different personality and character. He was hard to anger, didn't talk much, and always wore a poker face. Nakaba notes that these character traits along with being a former Holy Knight made the initial Ban feel like he was more like the Gilthunder at that point in the manga if anything else. He seemed much more refined and classy than the Ban that's in the manga.
      • The character that would become King was originally a Fairy Prince by the name of Jehan and he was originally going to be the Sin of Pride. Like King, his real name was Harlequin and Jehan was merely a pseudonym. With his Sin being Pride, he was going to be "an annoying peak of prince". What makes this character most different from the King in the manga of all though is what he transformed into, not a pudgy old man, but a pudgy little baby.
      • Diane was originally going to have disheveled hair like Armando rather than her two pigtails. Her size was also going to be a little smaller than what she ended up with. She still had a crush on Meliodas but she was more of a Tsundere about it.
      • The Sin of Sloth was originally going to be a warlock by the name of Jeema and surprisingly was Gowther's prototype. He was a muscular demonic looking Horned Humanoid and was going to be one of the Sins with the role of secretly guarding Meliodas. Over development, he turned into a giant clad in armor. Nakaba figuring that this would be boring, opted for him to be a lean glasses-wearing kid instead.
      • Merlin was originally going to go by the welsh name of the Merlin of the original King Arthur mythos, Myrddin. She originally had elements that would ultimately be given to Gowther, notably her wearing glasses which gave her an appearance similar to Bungaku Bancho from Nakaba's previous work, Kongoh Bancho. She also wore more clothing.
      • Escanor was originally going to be the Sin of Lust. He was extremely ripped and considering he was the Sin of "Lust", he was also going to be a bit of a horn dog. While certain elements were kept, his overall look was different from the Escanor that's in then manga, mainly having a younger clean shaven appearance that's almost similar to the one used for Griamore.
    • Some extra pages in Volume 25 reveal some initial concept designs of two of The Four Archangels:
      • For Tarmiel as Nakaba wanted one of the Four Archangels to be not quite human-like, he had some really eldritch looking early designs which evoked how angels were depicted in ancient texts and such. One early draft was similar to his final three-headed design except his center head was young and normal looking while his right head was that of a lion's. Another had him simply depicted as a floating disembodied head surrounded by wings. A third was him being a horned gargoyle-like creature which even Nakaba commented made him look more like a demon than a Goddess clan member. Tarmiel's final three-headed design was ultimately based on a fourth draft which was very similar except for some details such as the design of Tarmiel's left head.
      • For Sariel, unlike Tarmiel, his early designs were less eldritch-like. One early draft was an old man whose fingers had a lot of joints. This design's head in particular got used for Tarmiel's left head. Another early draft of Sariel's was an anthropomorphic cat-like angel in a robe and hat. In the end, Sariel's final design was based on a third draft which was very similar except for a few minor differences.
  • The Wiki Rule: Has a wiki here.
  • Word of God: According to Suzuki Nakaba in an interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, Nakaba tries to emulate the same amount of effort and love that was taken in the creation of various characters from games such Final Fantasy I and Chrono Trigger (which would explain the art style, considering how close it is to Akira Toriyama's) when creating his own characters. Nakaba has also stated in the same interview that he plans to end the manga with a "satisfying" ending. What he means by this is at the moment rather ambiguous as he mentions both Tragic Endings and Happy Endings, but at the very least he states that he plans to make an ending that will leave people saying "Wow, I'm glad I read this."
  • Write Who You Know: According to Suzuki Nakaba in an interview, he bases the characters of Nanatsu No Taizai off people he knows. The reason he does this is so knows how a character will react in a given situation.

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