Trivia / The Servants Of Ungoliant

  • Refitted for Fanfiction: As mentioned on the main page, Servants utilizes various content from early versions of Tolkien's works related to Middle-earth, as shown in Christopher Tolkien's The History of Middle-earth series, as well as from non-canon and fanon material associated with their work.
  • What Could Have Been: At first, the story was going to be set during the Fourth Age. In fact, it was going to be a partial continuation to The New Shadow, J.R.R. Tolkien's abandoned sequel to The Lord of the Rings.
    • The Underlord and his sons were originally Men that were transformed into armoured creatures by Ungoliant's Unlight.
      • The Underlord was simply know as Vyköl (this would be retconned into becoming the Renorin translation of his title), and he and his sons were not related in any known way.
      • The Underlord and his sons, along with locations such as the Crack, and the city of het-Githlun, were originally completely unrelated to the Tolkien legendarium, and were set in a completely unknown location.
      • The story originally introduced the armoured creatures (that would later become the Underlord's sons) almost immediately, and at a fully matured state.
      • Their story also featured Schizo Tech (e.g. firearms powered by Unlight, industrial factories, etc.), Obligatory Swearing, Sophisticated as Hell dialogue, and the only canonical character it featured was Ungoliant, although it was eventually going to lead into The New Shadow's storyline.
    • The story was originally going to be focused on Maglor, as well as a group of Gondorian sailors. This can be read in The Journey to the Sunlands.
      • This draft introduced Melbrik and Gunglip, who were both Ogres there, the former speaking in broken Westron.