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Trivia: The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Actor Allusion: Ronnie Corbett's character Rani the Slitheen in the Comic Relief special mini-episode is all about this, starting with mention of "the two Ranis".
  • Actor Existence Failure: Sladen died before the series was done, leading to its cancellation.
  • Dawson Casting: Daniel Anthony at 20 and Anjli Mohindra at 18 play 14-year-old (at the start of the series) Clyde and Rani. Averted with Tommy Knight and Yasmin Paige being close to the age they play (though Luke was "born" in the first episode).
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Wormwood is Moneypenny from the Pierce Brosnan era Bond films.
    • Ace Bhatti, who plays Rani's father Haresh, later appeared in EastEnders. Coincidentally, he made a Shout-Out to EastEnders in Mark of the Berserker.
    • Miss Myers in "Sky" is the short-lived Lt. Teeg from Farscape. (UK fans probably know her better as Doctor Lara Stone from Casualty.)
    • Ship from "The Mad Woman in the Attic" is Shakespeare veteran Kate Fleetwood, last seen giving Rupert Grint an Accidental Kiss in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as Mary Cattermole.
    • Alan Jackson's actor Joseph Millson later appeared in Holby City.
    • Professor Celeste Rivers of the Pharos Institute will be familiar to British folk of a certain age as Floella Benjamin.
  • Name's the Same: Alan Jackson has the same name as an American country music singer.
  • Real-Life Relative: Harry the caretaker in "The Mad Woman in the Attic" is played by Elisabeth Sladen's real-life husband, Brian Miller.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith" was supposed to guest-star Nicholas Courtney as the Brigadier, thus giving us a potential meeting between the Tenth Doctor and him. Alas, Courtney suffered a stroke before the shooting, and his part was scrapped.
    • The CBBC originally approached Russell T. Davies asking for a Doctor Who spinoff involving a young Doctor on Gallifrey. Davies rejected the idea, feeling it would take away from the "mystery" of the Doctor, and proposed The Sarah Jane Adventures after a positive experience working with Elisabeth Sladen in "School Reunion".
    • Had the series continued, Ace would have put in an appearance.
    • As revealed in a Doctor Who Magazine special issue focusing on the show's cancellation, if the second half of Series 5 had been completed, the first story entitled "Meet Mr Smith" would have seen Mr. Smith become human and the season finale "The Battle of Bannerman Road" would have revealed Sky as being the child of the Trickster, who had interfered with the Fleshkind's creation of her; he would be finally vanquished after possessing Sky while Sky ascends to a higher level of existence. (Dialogue hinting at this was recorded for The Man Who Never Was but cut from the broadcast episode.) Oh - and Rani and Clyde would have got together. (RTD was less keen on completely detailing what the second story, "The Thirteenth Floor", would have entailed in the special issue because he decided to transplant the story over to Series 2 of the show's non-Doctor Who Spiritual Successor Wizards Vs Aliens.)
    • As revealed by RTD on the DVD Commentary of Death of the Doctor included on the Special Edition DVD release of the Doctor Who story "The Green Death", Luke would have come out of the closet if the series had continued.
    • The villain in "Secrets of the Stars" would originally have been a tool of the Mandragora Helix from the Doctor Who story "The Masque of Mandragora", in which Sarah Jane was the companion. It was then decided that it would have been too old and obscure a continuity reference.
    • In 2014, Tom Baker revealed that he had been asked to reprise his role as the Fourth Doctor for a episode of SJA, and had more or less agreed to do it, when Lis Sladen passed away.
  • Word of Gay: Luke, as stated above.
  • Though Sarah Jane lives at 13 Bannerman Road, the number 21 can be clearly seen on her door in Eye of the Gorgon.

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