Trivia / The Rutles

  • Approval of God: None of The Beatles objected, and George Harrison liked it enough to produce and appear in the mockumentary All You Need Is Cash.
    • According to Eric Idle's liner notes, featured on Rhino's DVD release, Paul McCartney had some reservations, but his wife Linda convinced him.
  • Author Existence Failure: The reason there are so few songs sung by Dirk McQuickly on Archaeology: as mentioned above, Ollie Halsall died in 1992. (It's a bit jarring to hear a "Hey Jude" parody sung by a John Lennon soundalike, but it's a great album regardless).
  • Defictionalization: In the early 80s, "Cheese And Onions" actually turned up on a bootleg album of John Lennon songs.
  • Half-Remembered Homage: In one interview, Neil Innes said that the most important part of writing the music for The Rutles was not going back and listening to any of The Beatles, instead going by what he remembered sixties music being like. And it still ended up being close enough that ATV Music claimed copyright infringement and got a 50% share.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Dirk McQuickly's singing voice was provided by Ollie Halsall, who briefly appeared as Leppo.