Trivia: The Ripping Friends

  • Creator Backlash: John does not like talking about this show, as it turned out far, far below his standards, and deviated too much from the goal of Spumco (i.e. everything was on-model, no custom poses or even the original pencil drawings were used) to the point where it felt like someone else's cartoon altogether.
  • Executive Meddling and Old Shame: John K claims the show was so watered down and far removed from what he originally planned it to be that he can hardly watch it. We can thank Canadian on-model standards for this.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Crag is either Sam, or a Toronto news reader.
    • Rip is stand-up comedian Mike MacDonald.
    • In addition to Crag, Harvey Atkin voices The Indigestible Wad, Frictor, Punchinpuss, and other sundry villains using his distinctive King Koopa voice.
  • The Other Darrin: Crag was originally voiced by Harvey Atkin, who voiced Sam in Sam & Max: Freelance Police, but was replaced by newscaster Mark Dailey.