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Trivia: The Residents
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer:Their "managers" (more or less friends of theirs that they have handle the business side of the music business, who may or may not BE them) have described working with them as more or less baby-sitting, but are basically willing to put up with it because they make awesome music.
  • Canon Immigrant: The Residents have shown up as characters in Matt Howarth's assorted comic-books, usually as musical wizards.
  • Executive Meddling: The "Disfigured Night" show was hosted by Marlboro, who ordered Randy not to wear the skull mask for fear of associating their trademark product with death.
  • He Also Did: These days, the identities of the members of the band Cromagnon is common knowledge to those who've actually heard of it, but back in the day it was rumored that bits of the band had moved onto help form The Residents. Also, they were briefly rumored to have been The Beatles.
    • One of the few they've been able to verify: Randy made an appearance in an educational rap song in the 1990s, under the name Seymour Hodges.
    • Charles Bobuck also has a solo career, although a good chunk of his work is done on the band's behalf, such as prerecorded tracks to play before concerts.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Andy Partridge, Lene Lovich and Fred Frith in The Commercial Album.
    • John Payson directed the video for Perfect Love on the Commercial DVD.
    • Penn Jillette makes a brief appearance on Mark Of The Mole, delivering a weather report on the track "Voices Of The Air".
    • The entire Budapest Film Orchestra in Tweedles!
  • I Am the Band: Randy Rose is rumored to be the only remaining original member, and supposedly has been for some time. Word of God and friends of the band say otherwise, (there is suspicion that not even he is an original member) but it's quite widely believed. Either way, he is definitely the oldest, having been around as early as 1971.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Several of their earliest known recordings, while never properly released, are constantly being distributed online.
  • Opinion Myopia: The Wormwood tour, based on an album which dealt in the Darker and Edgier stories of The Bible, was accused of panning it. This got it a lot of backlash—perfectly well-selling shows would get cancelled out of nowhere, objects would get thrown at the performers, Nolan Cook even had to leave a show in Athens, Greece after taking a rock to the eyeball-mask.
  • Un-Person: Mr. Red Eye is a subversion. While reissues (and recent music videos) of work he did before becoming Mr. Skull still show him as Mr. Skull anyway, they still issue videos that featured him (including the old "This Is A Man's World" cover and the One Minute Movies.)
  • The Voiceless: They never do public interviews themselves; questions are always fielded to a "spokesperson" (often Homer Flynn). When it's a televised interview, the Residents are left to wander in the background, and the result is often hilarious.
  • Written-In Infirmity: The basic concept for "Our Finest Flowers" was allegedly thought up after a bandmate retched all over a list of songs for the "greatest hits" compilation they would have released, rendering it partially illegible.

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