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Trivia: The Punisher
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Tons.
    • His first ongoing series, The Punisher, Vol. 2, ran for 108 issues and had seven annuals. Its only available in the black and white softcover Essentials collections, and those only have the first 40 issues and the first 3 annuals. Want the rest? Gotta wait and hope they continue the line. Oh, and some of the volumes are out of print.
    • His second ongoing series, The Punisher War Journal, ran for 80 issues. There is a single trade paperback collecting the series and it only has the first eight issues. There are also two out of print trades, one collecting the first three and the second collecting the next two, showing his first meeting with Wolverine.
    • His third ongoing series, The Punisher War Zone, ran for 41 issues and had two annuals. There are three trades collecting it but issues 7-25 and 37-41 and the annuals remain uncollected.
    • His fourth ongoing series, simply titled Punisher, ran for 18 issues. It is not collected in any format.
    • His fifth ongoing series, The Punisher, ran for 37 issues. It was written by Garth Ennis very successful and popular. It was collected in trade paperbacks, save for issues 8-12 which weren't written by Ennis. The paperbacks are out of print. It was released in hardcovers but the hardcover line is incomplete with no sign of Marvel continuing. The hardcovers that do exist are also out of print. Finally, it was collected in one massive omnibus, which also collected the Welcome Back, Frank storyline. This is also out of print. As a final kicker, an issue included within the omnibus is The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. This is a very collectible issue and was collected in a trade paperback with Welcome Back, Frank. Welcome Back, Frank has gotten a new trade edition. Kills the Marvel Universe is not included.

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