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  • Actor-Shared Background: Lewis Collins actually qualified to join the SAS. He only remained an actor because his career made him too famous for covert operations.
  • Banned Episode: In the episode "Klansmen," Bodie's life is saved by a black doctor despite his racist abuse, while members of white supremacy organisations are portrayed as ignorant thugs being manipulated by right-wing politicians and crooked businessmen for their own ends. The episode is banned in Britain for its violence and racist content.
  • Missing Episode: "Klansmen" has to this day never been shown on British terrestrial television, and only once on cable television in 1997 (in a bizarre aversion of the No Export for You trope, it has been shown in other countries).
  • Old Shame: Martin Shaw (who played Doyle) blocked re-runs for years, only relenting after the death of Gordon Jackson (Cowley) so his widow could benefit.

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