Trivia / The Presidio

  • Name's the Same: In Real Life, there were multiple Army installations known as "The Presidio". The one in the movie was The Presidio of San Francisco, and has since been closed down (along with another base mentioned in the film, Clark Air Base in the Philippines.) There is also a Presidio of Monterey, located in Monterey, California, where the military trains Cunning Linguists. This has been known to cause some confusion for contemporary viewers. Incidentally, the Presidios were all old Spanish forts, which retained the "Presidio" from their old names out of tradition after they became American installations.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Mark Harmon stars as a civilian investigator in a military police procedural years before he'd star on NCIS.
  • What Could Have Been: The movie was originally going to star Lee Marvin and Jeff Bridges. One idly wonders if we would have been treated to Austin accusing Caldwell of "ruining his Zen-thing."