Trivia / The Oregon Trail

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: A well-known meme from Oregon Trail exists because of people 'circulating tapes'. Why does everyone remember "here lies andy; peperony and chease"? Because a player put that tombstone into the game that was pirated the most.
  • Let's Play: A very popular target for this, especially the second edition of the game.
  • Port Overdosed: An extremely widespread game, ending up on virtually every computer platform from the mid-80s to present.
  • Science Marches On: Inverted, actually, in Oregon Trail II and its sequels. While you're limited to nineteenth-century medicines, the medical advice from your guidebook and other characters is unrealistically accurate for the period. For example, cholera being airborne was the overwhelming medical consensus of the time. The disease being waterborne was first proposed by John Snow in 1854, and his view was extremely controversial for a while. The game, however, acts like it's already an established fact that cholera is waterborne.
  • Sleeper Hit: According to this video "Five Unbelievably Massive Franchises You've Probably Never Heard Of", the various editions of The Oregon Trail have sold a collective 65 million copies, which is a similar amount to Battlefield and Halo.