Trivia / The Nowakverse

  • Fandom Nod: Early in Under The Bridge, Widget appears to have a stockpile of those "Gadget plushies" made by Applause, legendary for having been outrageously expensive for as long as the Rangerphiles can think. She puts the PVC dolls modeled after her sister into a hydraulic press in her meditation chamber aboard Albacore to satisfy her lust for revenge on the real Gadget. This doesn't make much sense since it'd require Gadget to be fictional. On the other hand, it could explain why Gadget plushies are so rare: Widget acquired and destroyed many of them.
    "Jürgen, I've only got about a dozen of these left."
    "Should we go back to Orlando soon?"
    "No. Very soon I won't need any more." She smiled. Peace at last.
  • Old Shame: John Nowak has since described himself as "someone who should never have written Rescue Rangers stories", and this series is a punchline in his MST works.