Trivia / The Negotiator

  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Paul Giamatti, J.T. Walsh, and Siobhan Fallon (you know, the redheaded chick with the droning voice that has made a career of "Hey, it's that girl!" roles) as the hostages, Paul Guilfoyle as the detective whose murder sets the plot in motion. David Morse, who plays the gung-ho SWAT captain Beck, has made a living out of playing no nonsense police and military figures. (See his roles as Major Baxter in The Rock and Brutus Howell in The Green Mile for starters.)
  • What Could Have Been: Initial plan was to have Spacey as the hostage taker and Sylvester Stallone would have been the opposing negotiator.
    • And we must all surely thank The Powers That Be that they decided to recast those roles in the way they did!