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Trivia: The Mentalist
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Red John's last appearance, where he talks down to Jane and tries to kill him, only for Jane to gain the upper hand and kill him as he resorts to pleading to live. Sounds a lot like Percy's death, especially since Xander Berkeley played both characters.
    • When Sean Maher shows up as an antagonist to Jayne - ahem, Jane - he says the speech that the Victim of the Week was going to give was about River rafting...
    • Also, since Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is best known for being Sarah in The Craft, the whole episode "Red Rum" had a bit of this. And Lisbon's crazy looked remarkably Tourette's-ish, Tunney's other major role being the lead in Niagara, Niagara.
    • Jane commenting "You should have seen me ten years ago" might be a Shout-Out to Simon Baker's 2001 drama series, The Guardian.
  • Directed by Cast Member: When Simon Baker directs episodes, prepare for your darkest episodes ever, both in lighting and storyline.
    • "Red Moon" in Season 3, an extremely well-done Red John Myth Arc episode.
    • "Blinking Red Light" in Season 4, where Jane plays off his coldest Batman Gambit in the series to prevail over the killer. It also reopens the Red John Myth Arc.
  • Fake American: Jane is played by Simon Baker, an Australian, while Rigsby is played by Owain Yeoman from Wales.
  • Fake Nationality: Lisbon is of Portuguese descent according to Bruno Heller. Her actress Robin Tunney is Irish-American.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!/Role Association: The appearances of the following people:
    • Stacie Leah Rippy, from True Blood (where she was a vampire), a one-time bit-part actor, now getting major roles.
    • Also, Jessica from True Blood has a small role in the episode "Red Brick and Ivy".
    • Jaime Murray, from Hustle.
    • Tina Hobley, although apparently she went uncredited in one episode. Or so Popcultural Osmosis would have you believe...
    • For that matter, Tim Kang was previously best known as "that Asian guy" in the commercials for Cingular, Dairy Queen and Home Depot.
    • HRG is the husband of a murder victim.
    • Bobby Singer shows up as the owner of a stables.
    • Christina Cox, of Nikki & Nora cult fame, turns up as a girlfriend in the same episode.
    • John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox) and Connor Trineer (Charles "Trip" Tucker) guest-starred together in the 11/18 episode "Red Moon."
      • And Hoshi consulted with the CBI (ep 3x12).
    • The show is loaded with former 24 cast members. Just a couple examples are Gregory Itzen (Charles Logan) as Virgil Minelli and Leslie Hope (Teri Bauer) as Kristina Frye. Carlo Rota (Morris, Chloe's husband) also appears as a Russian red herring suspect named Dimitri Zubov. Oh, and perhaps the most major of all - Xander Berkeley (Red John) was George Mason, CTU director in seasons 1 and 2.
    • Morena Baccarin (a.k.a. Anna, Inara, Adria) is a matchmaker, recently widowed, in the episode "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."
      • And as good in the seduction arts as Inara.
    • Christopher Judge (Teal'c) plays a casino's security chief. Jay Avocone (Maj. Charles Kawalsky) is his boss.
    • Simon Tam is a mayor's aide moonlighting as an environmental terrorist.
    • Fornell is the director of a NGO.
    • Penny Proud is the sister of a murdered real estate agent and former gangbanger, who worked at the same agency as Kevin Buchanan and Delia Fisher.
    • Cheetara (2011) is now serving an evil force as Lorelei Martins.
    • Darien Fawkes was Duncan Weaver in the episode Red Bulls.
    • Miss Parker was the widow of a Hotel/Casino manager.
      • The same episode also had Gregg Henry, who was also in an early episode of The Pretender.
    • Malcolm McDowell is the leader of the Visual Eyes cult.
    • Captain Renard and Monroe have shown up as the husband of a murder victim and a suspected serial killer respectively.
    • Josh Lyman is Red John.
    • Extremely not; he turned out to be George Mason. Then again, given that he was also a traitorous Secret Service agent and the head of Division, is that much of a surprise?
    • Sid Hammerback lost his job at CSI: New York and he now harvest organs for the bad guys.
  • The Other Darrin: One of the biggest challenges for fans trying to figure out who he is, is the fact that Red John made appearances before the actor who plays him was cast. Like Sylar on Heroes, they were played by various stunt doubles and extras. As a result some of his earliest appearances, like in "His Red Right Hand", he doesn't resemble any of the final suspects. In "Red John's Friends", Red John IM's Lisbon's team. The person typing in real life was Simon Baker, leading many to believe that Patrick Jane was Red John.
  • Real-Life Relative: Simon Baker's, Tim Kang's and Owain Yeoman's wives have all appeared on the show.
  • Screwed by the Network: Fans have been accusing CBS of this since Season 5. First they put the series in a graveyard shift (10 PM Sunday), then every so often they force it to compete with football and other highly-rated shows. At the same time, the series itself has seen its share of critics increasing since Season 4, who accuse the writers of pulling The Chris Carter Effect with its Red John Myth Arc.

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